What is Yle API?

Welcome to Yle developer site! Yle API was opened to public in May 2015. During its first phase, the public API makes it possible to develop services similar to Yle Areena.

The following APIs are currently open:

  • Programs, which provides data of programs, series, and clips
  • Media ja Geo, for secure distribution of videos and live streams
  • Metrics, for easy usage reporting

At this point the public API is an experiment. If all goes well, more APIs may be opened later, such as metadata, usage and social media sharing statistics, and other content types (articles).

You can get access to API by reading up on the API license, and ordering API keys from here.

Summary of API license terms (please read the full license as well)

  • do not misuse (copy or distribute forward, or modify content)
  • include brand elements in your service
  • report usage
  • the public API is not for commercial use

API keys will be delivered as soon as possible. Our aim is to deliver the keys within a few days, but please keep in mind that there may be lots of people in queue for the keys, so the processing can take some time.

If you have any questions or want to provide feedback, contact aleksi.rossi@yle.fi

Welcome as a partner in developing a new public service!

Getting started

A. Read up on the API documentation

Good starting point is the tutorials page.

B. Order API keys

You can order your own API keys from here if you are registed to Yle Tunnus.

C. Develop something of your own!

When you come up with a good idea, share it with us as well via the contact form.

You can also share your ideas in Twitter using hashtag #yleapi


Check out our data page for the data we are sharing.