Program images

Most programs have an image that can be used as a preview image for actual content. This can be used in program listings and as teaser image before the video starts playing.

If the program has an image, its information can be found at top level in program details object, inside image field. It looks like this:

"image": {

To actually retrieve the image, you can derive the CDN URL from Image ID:{transformations}/{id}.{format}

This request can be done without authentication keys.

If you just want the image as it is, you can leave transformations out. Format can be either jpg, png or gif.

For example, using the image information above, we could request

You can also request the image in different sizes through transformations. For example, to request 120x120 thumbnail keeping aspect ratio as it is, you could supply w_120,h_120,c_fit transformation.,h_120,c_fit/13-1-2185369.jpg

More documentation on available transformations can be found from Cloudinary’s documentation.